When owners purchase a home in an association, part of the bargain they make is receiving the benefit of the association’s maintenance and repair obligation.  In exchange for those certain community benefits provided for in the declaration and bylaws, members must pay their proportionate share of the resulting common expenses.  Quite simply, associations must collect the levied assessments to fund the operating and/or reserve budget to pay for the required maintenance, repair, and administrative functions that owners rely upon to assist in maintaining their community and property values.

The laws governing assessment collections are unique and highly specialized. Profitt Law is experienced in navigating these requirements. In many instances, we are able to work collaboratively with owners and are often able to resolve delinquencies short of litigation.  However, Profitt Law is also highly capable of filing suit for money judgment and/or foreclosure, and in post-judgment collection and assessment recovery.  We understand how very important assessment collection is to the health and wellbeing for condominium and PUDs/HOAs.